Research update

CONSTRAIN communicates climate through art

CONSTRAIN has been working with visual art to find new ways of expressing complex scientific ideas in an accessible way.

This has focused on using emotional responses to CONSTRAIN’s work and igniting conversations around the possible moral complexities of climate science, with both researchers from CONSTRAIN and external partners.  Conversations covered questions such as what makes up the projected pathways which show us our possible climate futures, and and what is the role of uncertainty within this work?

The outcomes of this series of interviews between artist and scientist have been translated into an ongoing painting which have already features in the COP28 in Science for Climate Action Pavilion.

There are plans to make a moving image video of this painting to represent the temporal aspects of climate projections and consider the varying scales of the climate crisis, from local to global.

The project has highlighted the power art has to represent multiple perspectives and investigate issues that are not explicitly addressed by data, as well as the ways in which art can be used to engage audiences often overlooked by science communications.